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S.Caterina – Acqua del Ferro

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From the built-up area in Santa Caterina, small village once called “dei Cavallai” you can reach the viewpoint with a marvellous arch view on Acquegrandi and Acireale. In fact once, on the cliff of San Guglielmo, 175 m m.s.l., there was an important sighting point. From here you can reach the entrance of a path in via Acqua del Ferro. Going along a steep staircase with more than 500 steps you reach the subjacent stony beach. Almost at the beginning of the descent you see a magnificent example of carob dipped in the Mediterranean maquis. Going across the crag you can go back over an important chapter of the fascinating history of the Etna Volcano. In fact, you find flows and tuffs in succession characterizing the Timpa of Santa Caterina. Once you have reached the beach, you find the water-head of Acqua del Ferro, so called for the ferrous content of water, which gives to the rocks the typical reddish colour. Going towards south you can admire an interesting rotation of two thick laval flows spaced with well-stratified yellowish tuffs. On the sea level you can observe a reddish tuff level. The colour depends on the laval flow, which has covered it.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 1,5 km

Ramp: about 120 m

Walking times: 2 hours

Refreshments: Drinking Fountain in via Acqua del Ferro.

Geological peculiarities: Reddish tuffs, laval rubble-stones.