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From the residential area of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in front of the homonymous church, there is the street to via Madonna dell’Aiuto, turning right after about 400 m you will see the Church of Nostra Signora dell’Aiuto. Next to this church, there is a path, which begins in the middle of dry walls and luxurious vegetables. After about 200 meters you reach a forecourt where there is a tombstone to remember “Compagno Matteo” where there is also a beautiful view of the “Don Masi’s Timpa ” northward and a coloured vivid and iridescent sea. The path goes towards the sea with steep slope, through vegetation typical of the maquis. Don Masi’s Timpa is characterised by important geological events, a sort of the Etna volcano’s chronicle. In these walls overhanging the sea, from Acquegrandi till Santa Caterina, it is possible to observe lavas and basal tuffs, produced by the ancient eruptive centres. The course ends with a charming laval beach, where there are fresh water springs, once very exploited by local population and testified by the presence of abundant vegetation and reed-beds. At the end of the path, before going back, it is possible to go for a swim here on the ionic coast. The most capable walkers will have the possibility to move among the giant blocks, created by the dismantlement of the scarp caused by large waves. Northwards, after some hundreds meters, you can observe at the base of the scarp particular yellowish tuff outcrops, and forwards reddish volcanic breaks overlapped by the thick lava flows which form the crag.

Difficulty: medium-high
Length g/r 3 km
Ramp: 140 m
Walking times: 2 hours
Refreshments: Drinking Fountain nearby the Church of Nostra Signora dell’Aiuto.