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The paths described in this brochure belong to the Oriented Nature Reserve “Acireale’s Timpa” appointed on 14th March 1984. Timpa in Acireale is inserted in the list of the Important Community Site to preserve “the uniqueness of the various overlapping lava flows even in recent times (a characteristic of the volcanic building emerging in the Timpa area), the lying position of lithologies and volcanic structure, the preservation and restoration of the Mediterranean maquis, as well as the preservation of the values belonging to the landscape in this area”.

Timpa in Acireale is a marvellous and precipitous scarp of fault along the Ionic coast from Capomulini to Santa Maria degli Ammalati, 7 km-area.

This area is characterised by the cultivation of citrus trees, particularly the lemon distinguishing the rural landscape of the Etna’s low eastern versant. There are also “relicts” of vineyards” and, scattered everywhere, there are arboreous essences coming from other places such as Ailanthus, imported by the Far East, Papirifherous Mulberry from China, Indian fig from America, Eucalyptus from Central Australia.

Among the endemisms we have to point out the Genista, “pioneer” plant for the lava settlement, the Mallow, the Caper and, among the arboreous species, the Fig, Oak, Carob, Olive, Nettle-tree, Pinaster, Oriental Plane, Robinia, Ricinus. Among the shrubby species we include the Oleander, Mastic tree and the Alaternus.

The wildest and uncontaminated area of Timpa is intersected by different and interesting natural paths but most of them are not indicated; they intersect on this steep crag and reach the sea.

Part of these paths is private and their use could be subject to approval and authorisation.

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