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Carnival January / February


The Carnival of Acireale, considered “the most beautiful of Sicily”, is one of the more authentic and engaging the island folklore. Throughout the period of the festivities floats, costumed groups, bands and floats adorned with flowers parade along a specific path through the streets of downtown. Exhibitions and concerts are placed within the same circuit, fully immersed in the splendor of the Sicilian Baroque.

A prominent component of the Carnival is the active participation of the crowd that the soul; not surprisingly, the first documentation dating back to 1500 describe it as a party born out of the free popular event. Linked to any constraint, in the time of year when everything is allowed, citizens could enjoy the freedom to joke on the powerful of the time. It is from this propensity to satire that came to life one of the first carnival masks acese, “the Abbatazzu” (PuetaMinutizzu), which cones her big books satirized the clergy class of the time, especially on Monsignor Michelangelo Bonadie, Abbot-Bishop of Catania.

Around 1600, in the days of fat, had become common practice battle with citrus and rotten eggs. Despite the enthusiastic participation of the crowd, in 1612, the Criminal Court issued a ban that prohibited the practice because of too much damage done to property and people.

The end of the seventeenth century was marked by a long standstill caused by the earthquake that devastated the eastern Sicily. You will have to wait until the early eighteenth century that the event resumes under the pressure of the post-earthquake reconstruction. These are precisely the years in which we put the masks “U barons (Baron)” and “Manti”.

During the nineteenth century the event was structured and managed as a party organized. In this period it was introduced the so-called “cassariata” (the parade of “Lando”), during which the nobles of the city threw confetti from horse-drawn carriages.

1929 marks the establishment of the Autonomous and Station of Care of Acireale who will organize the event until the nineties, then move the task to the City. From this moment on, the Carnival acese will follow the same way as is currently taking place.

The carnival masks date back, however, at the beginning of the thirties. These works of small proportions will become over time until reaching large; These masks are the precursors of the first floats pulled by oxen. At the same time, the “Lando” nineteenth century is being replaced by machines infiorate, another tradition has come down to us in the form of floats adorned with flowers.

In 1934 the first edition of Number One, by the Circle university. From this moment, the newspaper background satirical accompany all editions of the following carnivals. 1948 is the year of the great satisfactions: the event is awarded the title “the most beautiful of Sicily” and goes right to the most renowned internationally.

The 50s and 60s saw the birth of the two characters of Cola Taddazzue Turi Quadaredda, then replaced by Ciccitto (Salvatore Grasso) who wandered the streets of the city, alternating masks of all kinds. Within a few years the carnival tradition has been forced to undergo numerous interruptions. Two other forced expectations, as well as at the end of the seventeenth century, were due to the world wars of the twentieth century. The organization of the event will be postponed even in 1991 as a precaution to the Gulf War.

The lottery of the Carnival of the State monopoly will involve the demonstration in the years 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2006. Also in 2006, the Carnival of Acireale will get the award of the European Alberto Sargentini aside for the foundation of Viareggio. In 2010 will become part of a series of partnerships – including the one between the Carnival of Viareggio and the National Lottery – along with other Italian carnivals.

Even today, after centuries, the Carnival of Acireale draws its lifeblood from the renewed enthusiasm of the participating audience, an audience that chooses to be transported into an alternate reality, made of sounds and colors of a festive city.

Carnival of Flowers in April

The Most Beautiful Carnival of Sicily in 2016 will only stop for two months . Saturday 23 , Sunday 24 and Monday, April 25 live Acireale Carnival of Flowers . Around the baroque city center it will be colored and scented by thousands of flowers and floral decorations machines , peculiarities of the Carnival of Acireale , will create a unique and refined .

The Summer Carnival in August

For some years the carnival celebrations doubled ahead of the summer. During the so-called “Summer Carnival”, giant carnival floats and flowered floats are made again to return to crowd the streets of downtown.

There are also numerous partnerships with other Italian cities such as Viareggio, in 2005, was a guest of Piazza Duomo with its “Great dancer.” In 2006 Viareggio are back to visit the city, joined by a representative of Putignano, another important frame of Carnaval celebrations.

The summer edition of the event serves also as a prestigious showcase for local crafts and the many local producers. The combination of these two figures of the city and the Carnival comes as great incentive for curious tourists who want to get closer to the history and tradition of Acireale.

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